NYC premium denim brand. Cut and sewn in the USA, we produce high quality jeans made from Japanese selvedge denim. Everything is raw until you tell us to wash them.

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Zagat Review 2014 Outstanding

This is our 2014 Zagat review. As you can see we received an OUTSTANDING review again. This is very exciting because it is reviewed by our customers. We always do whatever we can do make each and every customer happy and apparently it shows. This is a huge accomplishment, Zagat does not give out Outstanding reviews too frequently. Β Thanks to all of our customers for making this happen we really appreciate it.

Β  Jeans Shop Staff

Anonymous asked: Hi - The jeans that you show in the photos; do they all start out raw or does the wear take place on the ones you sell after a single rinse please? Also is there any difference in the way to wear the raw jeans and the washed jeans? And is the raw meant to be left unwashed? Thanks in advance for your advice.

The majority of the jeans are sold raw, your jeans will age much better if they start out raw. Keep them raw and wear the hell out of them..

Anonymous asked: hey guys! I recently picked up a pair of slim fit indigo jeans and was wondering whether i needed to soak them before wearing or if they come presoaked. thx!

No need to soak them just wear then from raw, that’s the best thing to do.